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Young@Heart Chorus in Road to Nowhere staged by No Theater

The Young @ Heart Chorus has been traveling all over the world on their ROAD TO HEAVEN. Now, they are on the ROAD TO NOWHERE. While ROAD TO HEAVEN investigated how to stay forever young, ROAD TO NOWHERE asks the question, Will I be working until the day I die? The myth of spending the “golden years” lounging by the pool, sailing in the Caribbean, or going on a round the world tour is a dream experienced by very few elderly. In America, one only has to order a burger at McDonald’s, go through the checkout line at Wal-Mart, or ask for assistance at Home Depot to realize how many of our senior citizens are working well into their 70’s and 80’s. The portrayal of the healthy and youthful old in television and magazine ads for prescription drugs is a lie. It is not a life of leisure for a lot of the lads and ladies in their latter years. The irony of ROAD TO NOWHERE, staged and designed once again by the contemporary theater company No Theater (who has worked with the Young @ Heart Chorus for over 20 years) is that the Young @ Heart Chorus is touring the world in their final years. Through the music of the Stones, Clash, U2, Radiohead and others they dive into the musical oceans of escape from the everyday drudgeries of working your life away.

ROAD TO NOWHERE is a co-production of Rotterdamse
Schouwburg, LIFT (London International Festival of
Theatre) and Zürcher Theater Spektakel, with
additional support from Brugge 2002, the Hebbel
Theater, Berlin, and Lyric Hammersmith, London.

Special Thanks to Simon Mellor, Angela McSherry, Jan
Zoet, Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann, Katrien Laporte,
Hugo de Greef, Lucy Neal and Rose Fenton

No Theater is funded by
Available Potential Enterprises, Ltd., 150 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060, U.S.A.

Young@Heart is supported with funding from the City of
Northampton, National Endowment for the Arts and the
Massachusetts Cultural Council.

2007 Road to Nowhere@Theatre National de Strasbourg

2007 Road to Nowhere@Theatre LeQuai, Angers France

2007 Road to Nowhere@Dublin Theatre Festival, Dublin, Ireland

2006 Road to Nowhere@spielzeiteuropa, Berliner Festpiele, Berlin, Germany

2006 Road to Nowhere@De (Internationale) Keuze van de Rotterdamse Schouwburg

2006 Road to Nowhere@Oude Luxor Theater, Rotterdam,The Netherlands

2006 Road to Nowhere@Theater Spektakel, Zurich, Switzerland

2005 Road to Nowhere@Lyric Hammersmith, London, England

2004 Road to Nowhere@De (Internationale) Keuze van de Rotterdamse Schouwburg

2004 Road to Nowhwere@Oude Luxor Theater, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Directed by Bob Cilman and Roy Faudree

Designed by No Theater, Directors Roy Faudree and Sheena See

Technical Director Wim Van de Cappelle

Technical Assistant John Laprade

Technical Consultant Ruud van den Akker

Lighting Designer Harry Cole

Sound Designer Dan Richardson

Video Editing Scott Drapeau

Dekor vervaardigd door Vorm & Dekor B.V. RotterdamNo Theater

Sets, Costumes and Video designed by No Theater

Administrator Diane Porcella

Chorus Assistant Jan Stenson

Photo by Tina Barney Courtesy of Janet Borden Gallery

Bob Cilman, Young@Heart Director
Besides directing the Young@Heart Chorus, Bob Cilman is also the Executive Director of the Northampton Arts Council where he presents a broad range of arts events at the historic Academy of Music Theatre. Cilman was born and raised in Rochester, New York. He spent a couple of years at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and eventually received a bachelor's degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in American History, but has learned much more from the members of the Young@Heart Chorus. He is married to furniture maker, Polly Cassel and they have two children, Stella and Eva.

Roy Faudree and Sheena See, No Theater Directors

We started No Theater in 1974, creating new works for the stage such as HOTEL/MOTEL, THE ELEPHANT MAN, DFS (de fiance suction), DUST BOWL, LAST RESORT, PHOTOPLAY and DUPE. Based in Western Massachusetts, we have toured works to New York, San Francisco, Oklahoma City, and several cities and festivals in Europe. We first worked with Young@Heart in 1983 on STOMPIN’ AT THE SALVO and have since staged several collaborations with the Chorus including LOUIS LOU I, A Revolting Musical (1991).  Our current collaborative work, END OF THE ROAD, is preceded by ROAD TO HEAVEN and ROAD TO NOWHERE, which toured internationally from 1997-2007.  We have designed and directed operas at the Academy of Music, Northampton, Massachusetts; the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachusetts; the Bunkamura Cultural Center, Tokyo, Japan; Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria; and the Ruhr Triennale, Duisburg, Germany. We have created new works for the Victoria Theater, Ghent, Belgium; Spiel Art, Munich; and Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia. We perform in several Wooster Group productions. No Theater is the resident theater of Available Potential Enterprises, Ltd., an artist-run, non-profit arts and education organization in Northampton, Massachusetts. We are called No Theater because our first 4 years we had no theater, no permanent performance space. From 1980-2000, No Theater received funding from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities, The Massachusetts Cultural Council, Arts International, New England Foundation for the Arts, and the Northampton Arts Council.

-Roy & Sheena

Wim Van de Cappelle,Technical Director
Wim Van de Cappelle studied graphic design in Antwerp and trained as a sound engineer in the Pianofabriek, Brussels. He has created sets for theatre productions by Dinska Bronska and Chaos in De Werf (Brugge). In 1996 he organised a homage to Andy Warhol in Brugge. Simultaneously he started to work as a freelance technician for several theatres in Belgium. For Les Ballets C. de la B. he worked as a sound technician for Allemaal Indiaan, a dance-theatre production by Alin Platel and Arne Sierens, and as a set technician and designer for Foi and Tempus Fugit, choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui.In 2002 he was the technical director of Bruges 2002, the cultural capital of Europe. For the Grand Theatre de Geneve he also made the set design for Larbi’s Loin in 2005,in 2006 he made a set design for Cullbergballetten in Sweden and in 2007 he designed the set for Myth, a production from Toneelhuis in Antwerp. He has worked with Young @ Heart since 1997.

John Laprade,Technical Assistant
John is a theater technician, lighting designer, rigger, expert hand holder, chorus wrangler, gentleman’s gentleman and all-around Young @ Heart booster. As a lighting designer, John has lit a variety of performers, from Billy Joel to The World Wrestling Federation. He joins the chorus on tour as both administrative and technical support, leaving his day job planning extravagant parties at an elite all women’s college in rural Massachusetts, USA. He prefers to work in the dark and enjoys wandering in strange cities looking for old theatres.

Harry Cole, Lighting Designer
Harry began his technical career in 1984 as an all-round technician in a chamber theater in Antwerp. In 1989 he became assistant lighting designer for the Royal Youth Theater in Antwerp. In 1991 he became the in house lighting designer for the same theater. In 1992 he was the freelance lighting designer for Jan Fabre and his dance production "Da un altra facia del tempo". He was the lighting designer for a worldwide tour with this production and continued to design lights for other Jan Fabre productions including: "Universal Copyrights", "Glowing Icons" and "Danssolos". Since 2003, he is the Technical Manager of Troubleyn/Jan Fabre. Recent design credits include" Arne Sierens and Alain Platel's "All Indians", Arne Sieren's "Blackie" and Andrew Wale's award winning "Anonymous Society", Renee Copraiy’s’ "Interview" and “Heliogabal”, an opera directed by Roy Faudree. Harry has been working with Young @ Heart since May 2000 and designed the lights for “Road to Nowhere”. He conducts a workshop in lights and light design for starters and a workshop on special effects and pyrotechnics for use in theater.

Dan Richardson,Sound Designer
Dan Richardson has frequently thought that the ale served in the colonies is too cold.

Jan Stenson, Chorus Assistant
Jan is a native of Northampton.  She graduated from Smith College and has worked since then as a painting conservator and artist.  She has been associated with the No Theater since its inception and helped with set design on many productions.  She has also done set designs for Project Opera and Commonwealth Opera in Northampton and been involved in the No Theater production of Louis Lou I with The Young @ Heart Chorus and its current production of Road to Nowhere.


Click here for info about The Young@Heart Chorus members

The Young@Heart Band

William E. Arnold, Jr. (Mr. Clean), a native of South Bend, Indiana, Bill was born on January 16, 1942 into a family of six. Bill attended the public school system in Indiana where he was an all around sportsman. At age 15, he started playing the bongo drums and became known as "Bongo Bill." At 16, Bill started playing the drums and became known as "Mr. Clean" when he started his career playing with the recording artist "Junior Walker and the Allstars." Mr. Clean has played with such Jazz greats as Teddy Wilson and Charlie Venture. Bill enjoys swimming and racket-ball. He would like very much to learn to play a new instrument, but is afraid of doing so because he fears another name change.Band member since 2002

Ed Wise (1943) has been tickling the ivories since he was 3 years old. After flunking out of the Cleveland Institute of Music, he has played in every dive from San Francisco to Vineyard Haven. He was Martin Mull's and David McCullogh’s sidekick for many years, but he finally hit the Big Time with the Young@Heart Chorus. Band member since 1998

Ken Maiuri (1971)
Under the influence of his mom's records and his Pépère's instrument collection, Ken became a musician before he could pronounce the word. Self-taught (for better or worse), he's performed internationally with Mark Mulcahy, The Mammals, Pedro the Lion and many others, and was musical director for the rock opera "The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island," created by Mulcahy and renowned cartoonist Ben Katchor. In his spare time he's a weekly newspaper columnist, co-manager of an independent record store, eater of too much junk food, and lives in Northampton.
Band member since 2007

Members of The Drunk Stuntmen

Steven M. Sanderson is the lead singer of the world-renowned original rock band Drunk Stuntmen. After falling in love with multiple chorus members he left his band, family and dog to become a full time tour groupie. Drunk Stuntmen albums and information can be unearthed at Mr. Sanderson rides Triumph motorcycles and would love to hear your stories involving the history of said motorcycles.

Frederick Alexander "Freddy" Johnson (1970) Taurus
Fall River Massachusetts can lay claim to one Freddy Johnson. In the 1980's, Freddy cut his teeth playing guitar in several Portugese wedding bands. The skills he learned playing "The Chicken Dance" in a powder blue tux strangely come in handy in the trenches with the Young at Heart Band. Freddy joined forces with the Young at Heart a few years back and has enjoyed putting some serious wear and tear on his passport as a result. With a solid background in rocking out, Freddy comes to the chorus via his original outfit, Drunk Stuntmen (who, among other things, have released 4 cd's, multiple ep's, toured Europe with the Young @ Heart and, written an original score to the 1924 silent film version of Peter Pan). Freddy is friendly, frisky, has had all his shots, and is ready to take home.
Turn ons: short skirts, good food, and dirty dancing.
Turn offs: too few to mention.


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