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Now 2012

The most recent album from the Young@Heart Chorus features 17 tracks and a wide range of eclectic songs, both new and old, such as the 1971 country hit "Angel from Montgomery" written by John Prine and popularized by Bonnie Raitt and the 1956 soul classic "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

There are also a few new and cutting edge songs, including "Modern Man" from Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire's 2010 album The Suburbs. Released on October 1, 2012, it is a studio recording with two bonus live tracks. 

“I play in Arcade Fire and i just heard Y@H’s version of ‘Modern Man’. Sounds amazing. I’m so happy they did one of our songs.”
— Tim Kingsbury, Arcade Fire lead guitarist and bassist

In memory of Louise Canady and Fran Saed, two dedicated chorus members who passed away during this album's planning. Louise's lush, rich vibrato and Fran's raw Brooklyn soul were two strong colors in Young@Heart's palette. Their big voices and big spirits will always be in our hearts.

Musically miraculous. Stellar and oh so smart.
— DAVID SOKOL, Stereophile

Featuring the Young@Heart Band: 
Jim Armenti, bass, clarinet (2, 12)
Billy Arnold, drums
F. Alex Johnson, guitars
Tom Mahnken, tenor and baritone sax, clarinet (12)
Ken Maiuri, piano, organ, bass (2)

Produced by Ken Maiuri and Bob Cilman.
Co-produced, recorded and mixed by Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering. Executive Produced by Mark Guglielmo and Bob Cilman.

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Mostly Live (2008)

Mostly Live features 17 songs, 14 live recordings from performances between 2000-2008 and 3 studio recordings.

Originally self-produced and released independently by the Young@Heart in 2007, the album was later picked up and re-released in 2008 by Rhino Records during the promotion of the film Young@Heart after Fox Searchlight bought the documentary's US and Canadian distribution rights.

It contains songs the group was performing at this pivotal moment in the Chorus' history.

A poignant celebration of life.
— ARIANA VENTURI, Bomb Magazine

This album includes memorable performances by many chorus members who were in the movie and have since passed away including Fred Knittle, Gloria Barber, Joe Benoit, Pearl Bryant, Bernard Dickstein, Pauline Godin, Eileen Hall, Helen O'Connell, and Bob Salvini.

Thrilling. And strangely beautiful.
— Spin magazine

Featuring the Young@Heart Band:
Ed Wise, piano
Billy Arnold, drums
F. Alex Johnson, guitars
Miriam Leader, violin
Len Fontaine, harmonica
Chris Haynes, accordion
Paul Lieberman, tenor sax
Jim Armenti, guitar
Danny Bernini, bass, percussion
Paul McNamara, organ

Bob Cilman, Director
Dan Richardson, Producer/Sound Engineer
Danny Bernini, Co-Producer/Engineer on 1, 13, 15

Redefining rock.

Live from the Road to Heaven.jpg

Live from the Road to Heaven (1997)

Young@Heart had our first international tour directed by Roy Faudree of No Theater in the fall of 1997 at the Lantaren/Venster Theater as part of The R Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Young@Heart is particularly indebted to Dick Hollander, who had the foresight to bring the chorus to Rotterdam. He helped pave the way for many years of international touring to come. We also appreciate the efforts of Theo Ruyter and the staff of the Lantaren/Venster Theatre. 

After the festival, Young@Heart returned home to the Academy of Music Theatre to perform the same show Road to Heaven for their hometown crowd. This album, Young@Heart's first, is a live recording of that show.

In addition to the performance we gave in Rotterdam, we brought three singers who were finalists in the elderly singing contest in the Netherlands, who we met while we were there. The Dutch singers, accompanied by Connie Groot, wowed the Northampton audience.

This show featured some of the earlier Young@Heart classics including Fred Knittle singing "Ghostriders in the Sky" and "Statin' Alive", Diamond Lillian Aubrey singing her signature "Doo Wah Diddy" along with "These Boots Are Made for Walking", Ralph Intorcio singing "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" as Carol Channing, and Eileen Hall doing her fairy number.

Young@Heart in Road to Heaven directed by No Theater was the first of many international performances in a trilogy of road shows with No Theater, an experimental theater company based in Northampton run by Roy Faudree and Sheena See, that also included Road to Nowhere (2004-2007) and End of the Road (2009-2013).

Pat Larese, Gloria Parker, and Brock Lynch backstage at a performance of  Road to Heaven

Pat Larese, Gloria Parker, and Brock Lynch backstage at a performance of Road to Heaven

This album was recorded live by Art Steele and captures a very important moment in time for Young@Heart.

Mark Gionfriddo, piano
Chris Haynes, accordion
Miriam Leader, violin