Chorus tours The Netherlands and Belgium

Belgian national television station VRT profiled the Young@Heart before the Chorus' last show in Aalst, Belgium on our most recent Netherlands/Belgium 2018 tour, which included 5 shows, 4 in the Netherlands and 1 in Belgium (Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Utrecht; Wilmink Theater, Enschede; Operadagen Rotterdam; Zuiderstrandtheater, Den Haag, Netherlands; De Werft, Aalst, Belgium).

Watch the clip here.

After a rocky start that found 3 chorus members in Rotterdam's Sint Francis Hospital Emergency Room at the same time, which caused them all to miss the first concert, everyone rebounded quickly and went on to have the entire cast for the remainder of the tour.

The audiences were enthusiastic and drank us all under the tables after the shows. Eleven of the singers were traveling internationally with the Young@Heart for the first time. Presented by JG Baggerman and Lucienne van der Mijle of Amsterdam's Global Performing Arts Group, who also brought the Chorus to Europe back in 2013, this tour included an outdoor concert in Rotterdam, a fabulous banquet in Bierhandel De Pijp, Rotterdam's oldest restaurant dating back to 1898, a tour of Ann Frank's house in Amsterdam and a wonderful visit to the Boijmans Museum.

Photos from the tour by Lucienne van der Mijle.

Young@Heart in Super Bowl Ad

You may be wondering who was singing the vocals in the E*TRADE This is Getting Old ad during the Super Bowl. If you guessed the Young@Heart Chorus you would be correct. The Young@Heart was approached by MullenLowe advertising agency in late October for the job and worked closely with them and film directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, whose credits include "Little Miss Sunshine", "Battle of the Sexes", and numerous music videos for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

View the 30 second Super Bowl ad here

The ad, which played in the 2nd quarter of the game, has been well received making top ten lists in USA Today, CNN and many others. Whoopi Goldberg called it her favorite Super Bowl ad on ABC's "The View" here.

The audio portion of the ad was produced by Los Angeles-based music collective Beta Petrol. Young@Heart's vocals were recorded by Dan Richardson on a mobile studio rig at Young@Heart's rehearsal space and by Beta Petrol personnel at SpiritHouse Studios in Northampton. Watch the 60 second ad here.

Check out Chorus Member John Rinehart singing in an early demo recording session for the ad at a Young@Heart rehearsal.